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Pillar Plaque Stand & Custom Made River Rock Tribute Stand

Memorials & Tributes, Cemeteries, Pet Markers, Garden Accents,  Golf Courses, and More!  Indoor or Outdoor, An installation System to work with any Surface!





New from LaserSketch Pillar Plaque Stands

Pillar Stands are constructed of a light-weight, yet extremely durable polyethylene. Elegant, affordable, durable, customizable, versatile and easy to install. (See installation instruction by clicking). The bases are flawlessly mimicking the visual characteristics of granite with the convenience of easy transport and maneuverability. The pillars are 25" tall with 6" x 9" or 9" x 11"  PVC mounting plaque.  Plaques may be mounted horizontally or vertically. Vertical mounts are special order, (2weeks).  The pillar has a 4" diameter  tube and a 7-1/8" diameter base. Pillar weights 2-1/2 lbs. (17 lbs when filled with sand).

Kit includes pillar, PVC mounting plate, choice of LaserGrade Absolute Black Marble or Super Black MB Granite plaque, (7x10, 8x10, 8.5x11 or 12x12) for engraving. Four 10" Ground Stacks, Ground Finishing Ring and Mounting Adhesive.

Pillar Plaque Stands Installation Instructions:

Pillar Plaque Stands and Component Parts Quantity Discount:
  9+ -10%,  19+ -15%,  36+ -25%
Discount will be given on Invoiced Order before shipping:

59-PPS-Sand: Pillar Plaque Stand Kit in Sand Color:     @$151.50 Qty.
59-PPS-Dark Gray: Pillar Plaque Stand Kit in Dark Gray:     @$151.25
59-PPS-Light Gray: Pillar Plaque Stand Kit in Light Gray:     @$151.25 Qty.
59-D-PPS-Double Pillar Plaque Stand Kit in any color pillars w/Marble or Granite,  24"x18"EP:   @$289.00 Qty.
Component Parts
59-Sand Pillar only: @$130.68 Qty.
59-Dark Grey Pillar only: @$130.68 Qty.
59-Light Grey Pillar only: @$130.68 Qty.
59-18RB: 18 inch rebar: @$5.20 Qty.
59-24RB: 24 inch rebar to replace 18" rebar: @$6.07 Qty.
59-36RB: 36 inch rebar to replace 36" rebar: @$9.59
59-SMP: Small PVC Mounting Plate: (6" x 9"): @$6.48 Qty.
59-LMP: Large PVC Mounting Plate: (9" x 11"): @$8.10                       Qty.
59-MA: Tube of Mounting Adhesive: @$7.13

eMail Jim@lasersketch.com for Color pdf of  'generic'  Sales Sheet,  and installations instruction for Pillar Plaque Stand:

Custom Made River Rock Tribute Pedestals


Custom Made River Rock Tribute Pedestals, Made from River Rock and Concrete.

12-1/2" Tall x 6-1/2" Hexagon Base. Comes with a Engravable Abs0lute Black Marble Tile to be a-fix to a power coated steel plate that mounts vertical or horizontal at a 45 degree angle on top of  the river rock and concrete base. Also included in kit is an 17" post to be driven into the ground to keep river Rock Base in place.

Approximate shipping weight 35 pound 

59-0810RR: River Rock Tribute Pedestal w/EngravableM-AB-8x10EPPlaque,   @$175.00                        Qty.
59-1212RR: River Rock Tribute Pedestal, w/Engravable  M-AB-12EP Plaque,                           @$192.50 
59-1113RR: River Rock Tribute Pedestal, w/Engravable M-AB-11x13EP Plaque,                      @$187.50 Qty.


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